Sunday, February 22, 2009


Random goings on in our fam...

1) You will notice a lack of recent pics on this here blog thanks to the canine's canines taking a bite out of my lens on my camera.

2) Eli has collected every character but one on Star Wars Lego for the wii. I am not sure if I should be proud of him or horrified at how many hours and hours it has taken him to get to that point.

3) Madeline has been singing alot lately. It makes sense. The girl loves to talk and singing is WAY more fun than talking.

4) Chad baked "The Best-Ever Oatmeal Chocolate Chip" cookies from the First Assembly of God cookbook (the BEST cookbook EVER) today. He was wondering why there was so little sugar in the recipe. He didn't notice the paragraph after the directions where the recipe submitter goes on and on about how she tweaked the recipe to be less fattening and with less sugar. I think it was cookie blasphemy for Chad. At least I can feel less guilty for eating one...or three.

5) It is Monday tomorrow. Time to take mom home from Bible study. I will NOT be taking a running start for the wheelchair ramp. I don't think the rosebushes could take another assault.

6) God touched me in a powerful way this morning. He spoke to me and said I had a critical spirit. He was right on but I didn't know it until He said it. He delivered me and set me free from being critical of others and myself.

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