Saturday, February 21, 2009

unmotivated and breakfast

I am feeling less and less motivated to get on the treadmill this week. Ugh! Now is when I really need to buck up and see what I am made of. To walk or not to walk...that is the question.

I made french toast this morning for the fam. I am an expert french toast maker. Chad loves my french toast just as much as the kids. I add vanilla and cinnamon to the egg/milk mixture. They usually top their french toast with butter and syrup (Mrs. Butterworth's is the best-no real maple syrup in our house) until last week. Chad decided to put butter and sugar on his french toast. Y'know kindof like cinnamon/sugar toast. The kids tried it also. Apparently it is very good. This week he decided to put butter, sugar, and syrup on his FT. Then he asked if we had any whipped cream. So there they were...all three of my lovelies gobbling up their butter, sugar, syrup, and whipped cream french toast. Unbelievable! I think I will stick with Mrs. B.


haverlee said...

Oh my! Is your husband torturing you on purpose??!

Bethany said...

Walk! And tell Chad to quit filling himself up with such bad food! UGH!