Monday, February 9, 2009

*ring ring*

I was walking the aisles of Target today, getting groceries, looking at hammocks for Chad and my cell rang. I looked at the display and didn't recognize the number. Verizon will call my cell phone to tell me about some great new service they offer and I never answer if I don't know who it is...but I answered anyway. Much to my surprise and enjoyment it was an old friend from high school, Liz (Schneider) Finn. We were in drama together and we spent alot of time together in drama and tech class, during rehearsals and such. Her mom was the costume lady and it was rumored that her mom and our director had dated (still not sure about the validity of that one.)

Liz was quirky and sweet. She had a fabulous sense of humor and I loved doing improv with her. The last time I saw Liz was at the drama alumni Christmas party when Joey (her first born) was just a baby, I am guessing that was Christmas 1994 or 95. I will never forget when Liz came into Walgreens (where I worked) and she told me she was pregnant and was getting married. I was flabberghasted. As far as I knew Liz hadn't dated anyone in high school and here she was getting married not much after we graduated. It was crazy!!

Fast forward 15 years...we reconnected through myspace and then Facebook. She loves the Lord and is serving Him in the youth group at her church. She and Tim are still married and have four children. She is still quirky and fun but she is a mom and wife now. Totally crazy!

So, she calls me today and asks if I would be a female chaperone for a retreat that she and Tim are doing this summer for their youth group. I was so touched when she asked and I am so excited to see if it will all work out. I certainly hope it does!!

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Chad said...

Hehehe ... Im glad she didnt ask you to be a male chaperone. :)

Love you babe