Monday, March 2, 2009


I miss my camera. Dumb dog.

We missed church yesterday because of a domestic dispute. I bet service was awesome. Better download the podcast.

I miss talking to Kathleen. She is one of my favorite people in the entire world and I miss her. I need to do something about this.

I miss spring. I am so ready to hear the birds singing in the morning. I miss the warmth of the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

You'll get a taste of Spring later this week ... close to 60 degrees outside!! Open the windows! Break out the flips! Time to get crazy!!

Bethany said...

So when you say "domestic dispute," I get an image of a scene from COPS, but with you guys, like you in a robe and curlers chasing Chad down with a frying pan. Isn't it funny how different words mean different things to different people?

I have officially lost it, by the way! Spring will be here soon!