Wednesday, April 1, 2009

all the possibilities...

Aye karumba! I have thrown myself into researching homeschooling full force. I have read book after book. Looked at website after website of support groups, legal issues, and curriculum companies. You would think I would be overwhelmed but I am so thrilled to say that it is making me more and more excited to start this adventure. I don't see it as this huge daunting task to figure it all out and pick the perfect curriculum. I see it as "Wow! Look at all these possibilities!!"

Which teaching method will I adopt as my own? CharlotteMason or classical? Unit studies or traditional? Unschooling or a little bit of them all?

Which learning style are my children? Kinesthetic or Visual or Auditory?

Which math curriculum should we use? Saxon or Singapore? MathUSee or Miquon? A Beka or Developmental Mathematics?

What am I going to wear under my denim jumper? Short sleeve T or Peter Pan collar blouse? Do I want schoolhouses and crayons or the alphabet embroidered on my turtlenecks? When am I going to thresh and winnow my own wheat to make bread? Where are we going to put the goat?

The possibilities are endless!!


Mark, Emily, Lillie Mae and Titus Man said...

you crack me up! mark's mom started a homeschooling network and its over 200 should talk with her. her kids are smart smart smart and not so corny. haha

haverlee said...

the day I see you wearing a denim jumper with a turtleneck underneath it is the day I disown you as my friend!!! But go for the goat...Bennett would think that was pretty fun.

Bethany said...


I'm loving their resurgence.

Chad said...

Ya know honey ... you think Lola is bad about eating things she not supposed to. Goats eat freaking cars!

Grandpa M. had goats when I was little ... they would eat anything ... including an old car they had out in the pasture.

Goat vs. Lola .... hmmm