Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crazy nipples....

Holy cow!! I just came from a Bra party (y'know like tupperware, Arbonne, etc. but with bras)....they measured me and fit was AH-MAZ-ING!!! They put stickers on your nipples when you first get there and then they measure you and then you put one of their bras on and put your shirt back on with the before nipple stickers. Let me just say there was a 3 inch variance on my nipple placement. Unbelievable!!! My nipples have seen the light!!

I am going to have an open house in, not to show off my boobs but so that all my friends can have perky boobs too!!! I will let you know the details when it gets closer!!!


Stacie said...

Can't wait for your party!! I had to read this twice...first time I read it I thoguht they actually put the stickers on your BARE nipples. I ws VERY confused! Too funny! I think I got it now...:) Can't wait to be perky with you!

Anonymous said...

I need this. Desperately. I think I have figured out why I'm nips hang too low.

haverlee said...

So...I'm thinking your Size A cup friends probably wouldn't benefit from this party so much, but hey, it sounds fun and hilarious!!

Stefunkc said...

Invite me! I had a reduction two years ago so my nipples should be even. If not, heads will roll!!

Oh, Iowa, Oklahoma...never mind:(

b.a. said...

heck yes, send me the info! i'll come to this one and then actually need you to have another party when i'm done nursing this next kid.
"do your _____ hang low? do they wobble to & fro? can you tie them..."

well, you get the idea.

Chad said...

HOLY CRAP! I think we need an age verification prompt to get on and read this blog.


word verif - goncou

makes me think of gone cow ... udders ... aCK! BOVINE BOOBIES!!!