Monday, April 27, 2009


*I find my self spouting off to myself and to God about not being able to hear Him like others do...and then I realize that I don't take the time to listen. I am doing a 4 week series at Hope (Lutheran Church of Hope) called "Be Still" and it is all about being still and listening for the voice of God. It is practicing the presence of God. It is practicing lectio divina (click the link) and just being still and knowing that He is God. If I am silent He will speak.

*Eli goes to Jubilation Station while I am in my class on Monday mornings. He was playing with his friend Pierce today. I asked what they played. He said, "We wrestled and boxed. Y'know, we played like a man-kid." Apparently Eli has graduated from being just a kid to being a man-kid.

*Madeline threw up last night. Right in front of the bathroom door. I did not handle it very well. I asked her for forgiveness. She said she forgives me. I love that girl.

*I love our dog, Lola. As naughty as she is sometimes (most of the time) I love her big droopy ears and her big brown eyes. She loves us just as much as we love her. I never thought I would say this considering I am such a cat lady but she brings joy to our household and I can't imagine our life without her.

*Disney is only 6 weeks away. I have a lot to do before then but I am trying not to get all worked up about it.

*We are having a garage sale the last weekend in May. It is going to be HUGE!!! Come on out if you are in the area.

*After hours and hours and hours of research, I have figured out most of my homeschool curriculum!! I can't wait to buy it and get things planned out for this fall. Woot woot!!


Bethany said...

Manda... awesome! You rock. You really do! Please take a billion pictures at Disney! Do you have a new camera yet? I have an easy peasy cheap recommendation if you don't!

Kids throwing up is the worst. It's frustrating, but your heart goes out to them. Last time Bub apologized. I felt so bad, but it worked out okay. Kids are resilient!

I fell off the really good dieting wagon. I missed chocolate too much, but weirdly enough, have gained no weight. Haven't lost any more either. I'll restart May 1 and join you in the homestretch if you like!

meredith said...

i'd love to learn more about your 6 week study at Hope. it totally goes along with the abide weekend i host for our church.

being still is the hardest part...isn't it?

better check to make sure madeline hasn't been to mexico, i hear the swine flu is going around....

love the man-kid comment....that totally rocks.

Cin said...


I can't believe Disney is so close!! Iamsoexcitedforallofyou.

Ummmm...about the garage sale...and our tables...and Mara's graduation party...


b.a. said...

have you read "practicing the presence of god" by brother lawrence? it's seriously amazing. it's a short little booklet that i try to remember to read at least once a year. (should read it more like once a month!) anyway, i'll let you borrow if you don't have's wonderful and probably goes right along with what you're learning!

manda said...

Yes, Bethany, I have read and own a copy of good ol' Brother Lawrence. It should be required reading for all...