Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 days

The trip that I have been dreaming about since Madeline was COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Cinderella is finally coming up...in five days. I am SO freaking excited!! I have my packing lists made and I jot down more things as I think of them. I can't forget the ImodiumAD. I am feeling VERY organized. I have a couple pretty busy days at the end of the week so I am trying to get as much done in the beginning of the week to compensate. Our cupboards are dwindling down as I have refused to go to the grocery store. No sense in buying a bunch of groceries when you are going to be gone. The kids' snack options are minimal. If you want to have us over for dinner this week that would be a HUGE help. HA!

On Friday my sister and I are going to the NICHE homeschool conference at First Federated. I am SO excited to get my hands on some curriculum and to hear some of the speakers. On Saturday Eli has his last t-ball game and then we get to celebrate Bennett's 2nd birthday! YAY!

On Sunday we are going to church, then lunch, then we are heading down to Winfield, MO to spend the night with my oldest friend, Bethany. By oldest I mean a friend that has known me my whole life. We shared the same crib in the nursery at church. We went to school together in elementary. We were in youth group together. We have ALOT of memories!!! I am excited to see her in her element and to be able to spend time with her son, John. I have a feeling he and Eli would get into a ton of trouble together if given the chance. It will be an EARLY morning the next day so we can't get too crazy!!
From there we drive to Macon, GA. Then on to Orlando the following day. Then let the madness ensue!! I am hoping to blog from the road and to post updates as we go. I guess it depends on our internet connection and how much time I have. EEEEEK! I can't wait!!!!!!


Bethany said...

Thank you for clarifying the oldest part! LOL! Super excited to see you guys! We'll be ready and won't keep you up late!

We're honored to be a stop on the trip!

Stacie said...

I am super excited for you!!

meredith said...

EEEEE!!!! Squealing in delight for you. glad i can live vicariously through you.

can't wait for the minute by minute blog posts of your vacation....oh wait.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you nothing but safe and happy travels!!