Thursday, June 4, 2009

just keep packing...just keep packing...just keep packing packing packing

kids clothes-CHECK
kids activity box including some awesome audio books from the library (Why have I never thought of doing audio books before? Genius!)-CHECK
beach bag-CHECK
travel vouchers/reservation confirmation numbers etc.-CHECK
Atlas' highlighted for each child to follow the journey-CHECK
Budget notebook-CHECK
Manda's clothes-NOT DONE
Chad's clothes-NOT DONE
Lola's doggy camp bag-CHECK
Autograph scrapbook paper cut and ready (the most awesome idea ever from my friend Amy-you cut scrapbook paper into rectangles for the characters to autograph and then they are scrapbook ready)-CHECK
Manda's activity box-CHECK
stamps for postcards and adresses (How much is postcard postage? Can I use a regular stamp?)-CHECK


Edited to add: I will be checking these off as I go. How is that for a play by play??


Michalle said...

Postcard stamps are 28 cents (compared to 44 cents for a regular stamp). You can buy them in sheets of 20 as well ($5.60). :-)

Enjoy the Twilight books!!

Bethany said...

Oh dear! Breathe deep! You have a LOT done! At least you're not me! I have Bub's room, a disaster, even though I've cleaned it three times in the past week, a guest bedroom with no furniture (we're moving it out of Marian's house tomorrow since I gave our other set to our nephew), and more laundry than you can shake a stick at!
I'm panicking, but actually have way more done than I realize.

COME ON DOWN! (just don't look in any closets! LOL!)