Monday, June 22, 2009

where to begin...

We have been home from the Miller Vacation Extravaganza 2009 for about 3 days and I have been too tired, busy, intimidated to blog about our trip. I am not sure where to begin, what to include, or how to organize 12 days of non stop fun.

Let's start here...

Sunday, June 7th
We left town after church headed to Winfield, MO. Where this girl lives. It was about a 5 hour drive...just a small slice out of the pie that is a 22+ hour drive. We arrived at Porterland in Winfield around 6:30pm. They were gracious hosts and we had a fun time catching up on all the latest Porter news. The kids had a hard time keeping up with Bethany's son, John, but they had a great time as well.

Monday, June 8th
It was rise and shine around 6am to get on the road by 7 or 7:30am. After a yum-o breakfast we headed out to drive through St. Louis in a pretty nasty thunderstorm. It took us alot longer to get through the city than we expected. We were behind schedule. We had lunch in the car (ala peanut butter and honey sandwiches) and we weren't expecting a stop anytime soon but we started seeing roadside billboards that were calling to us, "Miller's, you need to stop. It is a memory maker." So, we stopped in Metropolis, Illinois. Home of Superman.

After taking a few pics with our favorite superhero we were back on the road. Driving...and driving...and driving. We had hotel reservations in Macon, GA, just south of Atlanta. You can read about those adventures here. We were tucked in for the night after dining on this delectable dinner

and driving to Macon at about 11pm. Only one more 5 hour jaunt in the car and we would be to our destination. I could hardly sleep from the anticipation.

Stay tuned for more tales of our travels...I promise it gets more exciting than this!

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