Friday, July 17, 2009

garage sale angst

My mom called me this morning and told me about a garage sale not far from the homestead (I am going to call it that from now that I am a homeschool mom.) that advertised it was 2 retiring teachers and they were selling it all and they had animal skulls! How exciting! I have always wanted an animal skull...well, ever since I became a homeschool mom. I ventured out after I dropped the kids off at VBS.

If you know me at all you know that I am NOT a garage saler/antiquer/rummager. I do not enjoy sifting through total junk to find that one treasure that I can't live without. It is not enjoyable to me in the least. I don't like TJ Maxx for the same reason. I want what I am looking for to be where it is supposed to be. Please do not make me dig. Plus I feel bad leaving a garage sale and not buying anything. As if their junk isn't good enough for me. Yes, I have issues. BUT since I have joined the ranks of homeschool momhood I figured I better check it out.

I did the required slow drive by to pre-screen the goods. There were lots of boxes on tables which had to mean lots of books. YES! Just what I was looking for. (You didn't really think I was looking for the skulls, did you?) There were a few people meandering about checking stuff out but not too many. The available parking was sparse so I had to park 2 houses down and around the corner.

I walked up to the house a measly 30 seconds later to find this denim jumper wearing big braided lady stacking all these boxes into a pile and telling the garage sale givers that she'll take them. Lots of boxes...full of books and curriculum and games. She didn't even go through them to see what was in the box. She just took it ALL!!! I just stood there. Watching this crazy lady clean up at this garage sale. I could not believe it. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF US, LADY!! She didn't even have the money on her to buy it all. She had them set them aside and she would be back! WHAT??!!! Ugh! It completely solidified in my mind why I dislike the whole garage sale scene. And after watching the homeschool moms at the Iowa Right to Life book sale and watching this woman today it made me realize even more how crazy homeschool moms can be!! Please shoot me if I ever end up that way....

So, my first soiree into homeschool garage saling was a bust. I didn't leave totally empty handed. I bought a couple books for me to read. But it wasn't anything I had hoped it to be.


Beth said...

I'm with you on the TJ Maxx thing; that store is too overwhelming and chaotic.

Anonymous said...

You need a garage sale bully. Someone to push people like Ms. Denium Jumper outta the way. I'd be glad to handle this for duty for you. Peak-morning hours on a Friday or Saturday? I'm in FULL bully mode.