Sunday, July 5, 2009

ramble ramble ramble

*Chad's grandpa died last Saturday. We spent alot of time with his family. I (we) have a somewhat tumultuous relationship with his bipolar mother. I think there was some healing going on in our relationship. That is a God thing thru and thru.

*Had a much needed discussion/fight with Chad yesterday. Our marriage is stronger because of it.

*Madeline has her third othodontist appointment on Wednesday. He will be checking to see what has happened in her little mouth since the last tooth pulling. I am anxious to see what he says. At her last appt. he talked about early early braces. Eeek!

*We go to a cabin on a lake in Minnesota with my whole family in a month for a week. My mom and dad, sister, brother-in-law, and 4 nieces and nephews will be there. We'll be fishing and boating and tubing and pontooning! I am beyond excited!!

*I am working on a little project for a friend of mine and her high school retreat that I am helping at in a couple weeks. I am such a procrastinator. It is probably driving Liz crazy.

*There is a baset breeder in Montana and I want one of her puppies. They are European bassets. They have more loose skin and much longer ears. Chad says no. Poo on him.

*I am not ready for homeschooling at all for this fall. I am not panicing yet, but I will be soon. There is alot to do to get our office ready to be our school zone.

*I have a treadmill for sale. Very nice. $100 You move it.

*I love that when Lola is laying down not moving at all you just have to look at her and she will start wagging her tail. She loves us.


Bethany said...

Look on Rescue dogs of every breed and stripe that need a loving furever home! Lots cheaper, too.

manda said...

Bethany-Chad says no to any puppy. But if we were to get one it would be a Montana basset. They are to die for Cutie Cute Cute!!