Friday, August 28, 2009

Beavers are uber cool.

Chad and I were flipping through the Netflix instant watch index on our Xbox360 last night. (Seriously, the greatest thing since sliced bread and doughnuts.) And we happened upon an IMAX movie on beavers. It was AMAZING!!! We watched it, totally amazed at how God created this creature that can literally cut down 400 trees in a year to build these amazing damns which then creates a whole new eco-system. Seriously, amazing stuff. Amazing!!

SOOOOO, I decided that the kids and I are going to do a unit on beavers. We will learn all about them, their habitat, eating habits, etc. and I want to include a character trait of the beaver (do beavers have character?) that the kids can learn from. The book Character Sketches uses the trait of orderliness which is good but I think I am going to take the hard worker route and use John Trent's personality test and the book The Treasure Tree. If you have any additional ideas please let me know!!!

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