Friday, October 23, 2009

Tee Em Eye

TMI by Manda
*I have underwear in my drawer that should have been thrown away years ago. They are so comfy I can't get rid of them. Chad loves them...or not. Chad said when we were first dating how he loves that I am so low maintenance. I don't think that is necessarily what he meant. Do I need a trip to Victoria's Secret? Am I too comfy in the undies area? Why don't I call them panties? Are white cotton undies that bad?
*I have hairs (more like whiskers *shudder*) that grow out of the two moles on my face. I try to remember to pluck them but every once in a while one gets to witch like proportions. It is mortifying.
*I have three hair follicles on my head that do not produce regular hair. They produce what I call "head pubes." They are coarse, kinky hairs. I know exactly where they are and pluck them as soon as they are about an inch long. I wonder if I would have more volume if I let them grow?


Mark, Emily, Lillie and Titus said...

Ok Manda, I love you. Hahaha!!

meredith said...

thanks for sharing....or not......AWKWARD!

and that's why i love you!

Stacie said...

You are hilarious and definatley not afraid to hold anything back...but I already knew that...:) Love you girl!

Cin said...

I almost posted something about the state of my underwear drawer the other day. Pound it. *pound*

Michalle said...

Victoria's Secret is overrated. And most UNCOMFORTABLE. Avoid it at all costs.

Bethany said...

LMAO @ "head pubes." I've found some pretty cute stuff at Target, way cheaper than VS.

b.a. said...

umm, i've been waiting to share this TMI with someone and i think now is the time:
there is this CRAZY hair that grows out of my back/shoulder area. it's blond & super-fine so i never notice it until it is (literally) an inch long and i think it's like, a hair that's fallen out of my head and then i try to get it off and i'm like NO.BLANKING.WAY. is that thing ATTACHED?!!! and yes, it is. i notice it like, every six months. i don't wanna tell seth about it, (cause i have a bad habit of TMIing him & decreasing my feminine mystique, ha!) but it's amazing. and needs to be shared. at least with you.
oh, and the word panties sounds pervy. that's why you don't use it.

p.s. my word verification is UNDEAS! how perfect.