Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of good food and family on Thursday. Early morning shopping for me and then late afternoon shopping with Chad after we took the kids to his moms to spend the night. Then early afternoon shopping on Saturday. Kids came home after dinner on Saturday just in time to take a shower and get to bed. I had almost an entire 2 days with just Chad. It was awesome. Gives me something to get excited about when we are empty nesters. :-)

The only pic I took on Thanksgiving day. Lola is so thankful for parents that spoil her.

YAY! We got our Christmas tree this afternoon! I love love love real trees...the smell, the soft needles, the realism (ha) and I don't mind the needles all over my carpet. So begins vacuuming the living room every day. YAY!!! Chad put the lights on. He is an expert. He tucks them back into the branches and it looks so purty. Then I let the kids go at it with the ornaments reminding them to spread them out and to not ignore the sides of the tree. We put up our stockings. I bought new ones last year from Pottery barn and they have our names embroidered on them. I totally forgot about them so opening the box was like my own personal Christmas. YAY again!! I have 80% of my Christmas shopping done and what is left is just a matter of going to get it or ordering it. Woot woot!! How are you coming along in your Christmas preparations??


haverlee said...

I haven't done a darn thing yet!!! Shopping will have to wait til last minute when paychecks come in but I need to get my decorations out!
We also decided this will be the year we start a stocking for Bennett. I want a really cute one to keep forever but should probably wait til after Christmas to get it on sale, right? So I'll have to find a super cheap one for Christmas day. Any thoughts on the subject? :)

Cassandra Frear said...

An award is waiting for you at the Moonboat. Stop by and pick it up!