Thursday, December 10, 2009

I can totally make that!

You know when you go to craft shows or see something handmade in a specialty store and you say "Psssh...I can totally make that."

Well, my goal for the upcoming this....



haverlee said...

that's so adorable! can't wait to see if you get it done. And hey, you'll save yourself a few dollars. (HA! $798???! Sheesh!)

Cassandra Frear said...


This is what I do in a restaurant. I eat the food, then I think, "I can make this at home."

In my kitchen at home, sometimes I hit it just right and sometimes I don't. But it's fun to try.

meredith said...

can't wait to see it!! it'll be awesome.

Chad said...

Please make this honey ...and then we can put it up for sale for $500. Undercut that yahoo and make wicked crazy coin in the process.


b.a. said...

you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!

anyway, the real reason i'm posting this comment is cause i found a cute blog i think you'll like. she's no pioneer woman, but she READS pioneer woman and that's gotta count for something.
finding a new blog is sorta like finding a new reality tv show: so good, but who really has time for another one? sigh.
anyway, she's cute & homeschools--like you!

if she doesn't become one of your daily reads, at LEAST look at her awesome kitchen. it's sooo cute.