Wednesday, December 9, 2009

trying to come up with something

Ugh. This poor neglected blog. I read once (on a very successful blog) that you are never to talk about how little one posts on his/her blog. Well, forget that! I want to fess up to my neglect! I have been in a blogging funk and I don't really know why. Am I busier than I used to be? I doubt that considering I spent almost 3 hours this morning Facebook chatting with a friend while we perused Urban Outfitters' and anthropologie's websites and sending each other links of what we had to have! It was a total blast and a great way to pass the time on this very snowy day. As in almost 2 feet of snow snowy and drifts that dwarf me. Oy!

Madeline has been an only child since Monday afternoon when Eli went to spend a couple nights at Auntie's house. No particular reason except that he absolutely adores his Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Then he got snowed in up North. I can't wait to see his little munchkin face tomorrow. I bet he will look different. Madeline admitted tonight at dinner that she misses him. I knew they liked each other more than they put on.

I am in hot pursuit of Chad's Christmas present. We gave each other a mini budget this year so I am having to be extra creative. I ordered one present and now have to think of another one. I LOVE giving the perfect gift. I will shop for hours and hours looking for that one thing that I know the recipient will love. I wish everyone treated gift giving with the same degree of thoughtfulness. I would rather have a perfect $5 gift than an impersonal $50 gift.

We have a super busy weekend coming up. Wedding out of town on Saturday. Church and kid's Christmas program Sunday morning. Christmas celebration at Chad's moms after church. I need to bring a vegetable...any suggestions?

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haverlee said...

Green Bean Bundles (email my mom for the recipe. You wrap little bundles of green beans in a piece of bacon and they have this sweet drizzle on them. So yummy)