Saturday, January 9, 2010

just another night

Scene: Chad is on the couch with a freshly bathed Lola (dog). Eli is snugggling into Lola's neck and points at one of her nipples.

Eli: Madeline dared me to suck on one of those once. There was no milk that came out.
Chad: Sick! Eli do not ever do that again.
Eli: But Madeline dared me!
Madeline: Yeah, he was being a puppy.


Stefunkc said...

NO!!! That's hilarious!

haverlee said...

LOVE this scene :)

meredith said...

LMSO! hilarious! i can't stop giggling.

Bethany said...

love the new look!

Cin said...

I can hear this in my head plain as day and I can see everyone's facial expressions, too. Ohmyword. Too hilarious. Isn't it awesome having a family? *laugh*

b.a. said...

oh boy! this is classic.

and yeah, like cinnamon said, i can totally picture all of you and hear chad's voice! awesome.

Michalle said...

I'm DYING .... laughing OUT LOUD.

YES. hahahaha