Friday, January 8, 2010

365 Pics-Day 8

We got free tickets to MonsterJam at Wells Fargo Arena tonight. It was a little bit of fun. There is way more waiting around for the trucks to do their stuff than anything else. We did get to see one of them get a flat tire. And one little dune buggy thing tipped over. That was pretty exciting. The absolute best part was seeing Gravedigger (the most famous monster truck in the world) go nuts during his freestyle routine and then he tipped over at the very end. It was thrilling! For some reason I couldn't get my collage pics in the tipped GD is the first pic but that happened last. We think the announcer might have been drunk. He kept announcing the wrong truck as the winner of the different events. Pretty lame.

I have wanted to take the kids to MonsterJam for a long time and now I can check it off my list! Super bonus that we didn't have to pay for it. I think I would have been a bit dissappointed if I had paid money to see them.

In 3 weeks it is the Super Bull rodeo!! I can't wait!
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b.a. said...

haha, i'm so lame. but i just wanted to tell you that i like the blue font for your title! yes, i noticed you changed it.
and ditto Have--signature layout. :)

manda said...

I agree as well...signature. You are not lame...I had to send the html code to my niece to have her change it. It is nice to have someone notice my efforts! Ha!