Thursday, January 28, 2010

on the horizon

Leadership meeting for my Monday morning Bible study
Madeline is helping pray for people at The Voice at KHOP (Kingdom House of Prayer)

Meeting with my Heartland girls in the morning
Helping to celebrate my nieces half birthday in the afternoon
Going to Pro Bull Riding Super Bull at Wells Fargo

Rest and relaxation

What are your weekend plans??


Anonymous said...

My plans seem quite uninspiring after seeing your list.

Friday: Nothing. Literally.

Saturday: Nothing until that evening, then a "hot drink" party followed by a trip to Star Bar to watch a friend's brother's band. My hot drink to bring to the party is "Hot Scotch" -- hot chocolate and butterscotch schnaps. Yum.

Sunday: Visit Philip. (Highlight of the weekend!! WOOT!) Dinner with Missi & Towera while watching the Grammys.

Stacie said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend!
Here is mine (since you asked) :)

Friday: Payton -having a sleepover, Blake- spending the night at my mom and dads, Bruce- movie with a friend. Me- who knows?????

Saturday: Show Choir Dinner at DMC- Madeline would LOVE it...they are amazing!!

Sunday- Church and getting together with our small group in the afternoon.

b.a. said...

friday--basketball game in panora (seth's cousins play).
saturday--nothin' planned. i REALLY need to clean. ugh ugh ugh.
sunday--church, lunch, small group.

meredith said...

friday: co-op & choir, out to dinner with old small group.

saturday: pack for trip, get kids packed for gma's house, take kids to gma's house & furry baby to christy's house.

sunday: go to mexico....i know you hate me.

i win for best plans for the weekend!! oh.....once again, not a competition.