Thursday, January 28, 2010


Chad and I are headed to Minneapolis next weekend to attend a conference. (So excited to hear Leif Hetland and Mahesh Chavda speak!!) While we are there we are going to venture into Ikea to get some new shelves and desks for the office/school room. I really want a room that the kids and I are excited to be in for hours and hours every week and right now I feel it is lacking a cohesive style. I have been looking online for all the possibilities. I have taken measurements of the room. I have planned and replanned a hundred times to make it exactly as I want. I have some awesome ideas and can't wait to see them implemented. Woot woot!!


The Kimlers said...

Amanda you are going to L O V E Ikea!!! (Opps, sorry you don't know me, i just found your blog through others and i read up daily, or at least as often as i can). We decorated a lot of our home with ikea furniture. You can also, especially for storage mix and match more than you can imagine. Not sure if you are accustomed to how ikea works but i'm SURE they'll be many choices for you!!! Enjoy!!!:) Can't wait to see pictures when its all done. Also, they provide tape measures, pencils and pads to write everything down on too!!:) -Cassie

Cassandra Frear said...

How exciting to design your own school room. You'll have to take pics of the results and tell us all about it.

b.a. said...

oh man, FUN FUN FUN. i'm jealous. hmmm, maybe i should send some money and a wish list with you!