Friday, February 12, 2010

who knows..

*I am making the kids pay me a dollar for every clothing item that is in their dirty clothes hamper that isn't dirty. So far I have made a buck.

*Chad and I are venturing to Ikea once again this weekend. We have to return one shelf and pick up another that was out of stock last weekend. It is in stock now. It came back in stock 2 days after we got home.

*I should be getting the office/school room ready for the new shelf and desk but can't seem to find the motivation to get it done but it is only 9:30am....the day is still young.

*Ticonderoga pencils are the best.

*Do you think spending $180 on living room curtains is too much? Keep in mind I have been scouring the web and in person for curtains for months and I finally found what I want. I need 3 sets at $59 a set. They are lined. And would be PERFECT!

*Read a book to Eli yesterday called "Three Samurai Cats" and I loved it. It is a story from Japan. Got it at Half Price books for 50cents. Man, I love that store.

*I wish we had HBO so I could watch "Big Love." I love that show and am completely intrigued by polygamy. Not intrigued in a "I want to try that out" way but more like a "seriously? people actually believe that this is a way to get favor in heaven" way.

*I read "The 19th Wife." It is a book guessed it...polygamy. Or celestial marriage, as they call it. It is an interesting book in that it is half fiction and half non-fiction. I really enjoyed it. And you don't have to sister wives coming into this house.

*Peanut M&Ms are the best. Here is a tip for you: Always buy the seasonal packages...they are the freshest.

*I want to paint the ceiling fan in the office/school room white and silver. I haven't said anything to Chad yet, but I know his reaction will not be favorable.

*I am reading a book that a friend wanted me (or us-it will be me picking out the good points and sharing them with Chad) to read. He saw it and thought it looked interesting. He wants to know what we think. I think I am going to like it. It is "Parenting is Your Highest Calling and 8 Other Myths That Trap Us in Worry and Guilt" by Leslie Leyland Fields.  Here is an excerpt from the back: "Why am I not a more joyful parent? Why aren't my kids turning out as I expected? Who do I always feel as if I'm not doing enough for my children? Is parenting supposed to be this difficult?" This totally sounds like a book I need to read. I'll let you know when I finish it!


haverlee said...

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Ikea. I love their stuff. I hate that they're three hours away and never have the item I want/need the most in stock.

Nope, I don't think that's too much to spend on curtains. I've learned over the years that the perfect curtains are extremely hard to find. But check Pier One. They have great ones too, sometimes for less.

I also share your strange fascination/obsession with polygamy and should watch Big Love too. But probably never will because I don't watch much TV without Jon. Maybe if he goes away for a week someday I will.

Yes...paint the fan. Bottom line--it'll help your house sell if the fixtures are updated! You'd probably have to replace it completely in the future if you don't paint it. (Although you can get a nice looking white one for about $40. Weigh your options!)

Why in the world have I never gone to Half Price Books? Seriously!

That book sounds good.

I like this post. I like a lot of variety in my life. Kind of felt like a party with a bunch of appetizers...little bites of lots of yummy stuff.

Michalle said...

As one who shops and plans and analyzes and charts and pie graphs and what-have-you in the arena of home decorating....if you find something GOLDEN, something absolutely die hard perfect, get it. Otherwise, you'll never be happy cause you'll always wonder if you should have picked up that perfect set. Splurge!

Amy said...

Amen to Ticonderoga.

Go for the curtains!

I love Big Love. Don't get to watch it (when it airs over here) because it bothers my family.

Putting 19th Wife on my 'to read' list.

Cin said...

Ceiling Fan: You could always go the "don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness" route. ;) Just don't mess it up.

Parenting Book: Sounds good!

M&Ms: I like Peanut Butter M&Ms. And you're right about the seasonal ones.

IKEA: IlovemydishesIlovemydishesIlovemydishes.

Curtains: *sigh* Have you seen my windows? It's ridiculous. I say, if you legitimately have the extra money and if you and Chad are in agreement that it's a wise purchase, then go for it. It's an investment in your home. It's not like you're going to redo your window coverings every year.

Big Love: Never heard of it, but the way you describe your fascination, I would say it's similar to my fascination with The Bachelor. I am completely intrigued and appalled all at the same time. *laugh*

I agree with Haverlee. Good post!!

Cassandra Frear said...

My boys loved the Ticonderoga pencils best, too. I learned to buy those when I was at the store, shopping for school supplies.

Cin said...

I forgot to say that Dixon Ticonderogas have one rival and that would be Black Mirado Warriors. Awesome pencils. And I would know. For I am a pencil nerd.

Do you have a favorite pen, too? I do. Crystal Bics in black. Awesome pens even if they do use an old school cap.

manda said...

I do have a favorite is the Pentel R.S.V.P. in black fine point. They have a cap as well and a finger grip. I throw them away if I lose a cap.