Monday, February 15, 2010

HONEST opinions please!

Ok-so a great friend of mine happens to have the curtains I love in her son's room. Totally didn't realize it when I first fell in love with them a week ago. Then my amazing photographic memory kicked in and VOILA! Those are in Oliver's room! Which happens to be one the coolest little boy rooms ever. Soooo, I asked this dear friend if I could borrow a panel to test it in my living room. And here is the result....

What do you think??
I was thinking I could get by with getting 2 sets of curtains which would save us $60. Using one panel for this window and then using the other 3 on the double window on the other wall. Do you think that is weird? 

I added a couple things to my shelves but still need to find a couple more. Here is a close up of each side.
I want to add an orchid or some kind of tall flower next to the plate. The hanging bird candle holder was moved to the other side for now. 

The "M" shelf needs something else but I don't know what. They have this awesome clock at Hobby Lobby that I was thinking of but not sure. Then I could put that bird candle holder next to the plate again. Oh,and that "M" is custom painted and modge podged by me! Then I framed a cool piece of scrapbook is actually the other side of the "M" paper. And that lotus candle holder was a Mother's Day present for my mother-in-law but I loved it so much I kept it. Ha! How many times have you done that?

Would you move anything around? What do you think of the curtains?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the curtain and think it flows beautifully with the decor you have going. The one panel on that window is the same thing I've done in each of my bedrooms. So you know I'm down with that concept.

On the shelf with the "M", maybe a small glass vase or decorative candle or something in a bright pop of color, like the red/orange (can't tell from here) in that framed piece of scrapbook paper. That would be my suggestion.

LOVE it, tho. Well done, Manda. :-)

sara's art house said...

Love the curtains and your shelves are so cute- the bird plate is adorable!

KAIROS said...
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meredith said...

love it! i think you could swing the two panel sets & save some moola! I love them in your living room w/ your decor & your colors. AMAZING.

for the wall grouping...have you thought about hanging a little something on the wall, instead of on the shelf? i am not sure what....just trying to think outside the box.

haverlee said...

Brilliant, Meredith. Definitely hang the framed pic on the wall above the shelf, so you can fit a third item on. I'm not so hip on the one panel thing but kind of feel weird saying that. What happens when you open the curtain? I think the only time that works is when you have two small windows on the same wall and can open the panels to opposite sides. What if you cut the one panel down the middle and hemmed it to turn it into two?
My only problem with the curtain (love the pattern-adorable) is it took most of the color out of the room. My first suggestion would be paint the walls something richer, but that's a lot of work. You'll need to find some throw pillows with a lot of color in them.

Cin said...

My opinion:

I agree about hanging the frame on the wall just above the shelf. I suggested that to you once, though, and you had a reason for not wanting to do that. I don't remember what it was.

I agree with Haverlee about the colors.

You need some small stuff that can bring in some little pops of color and add some variation in size.

I would also consider larger curtain rods with some beefy finials. With such a bold print and such small hardware it kind of looks like the curtain is holding itself up. Which is not possible. Because it is not a magical curtain.

Overall, it's looking awesome!

Bethany said...

I love those curtains! Great taste! I'll throw my opinion out there because I've been so busy keeping up with my island that I have neglected your blog until now... LUCKY YOU!

I would definitely do more than one panel, but I am weird that way.

I agree with Cinnamon that you need bold finials for the rod.

And now the hard part... you have some really cool stuff on the shelves. I am not sure how the rest of the room looks, but keep in mind that you have a big sassy pattern on the curtain.

Best not to distract by putting too much on the shelves, so I like the picture idea, except the picture should be something relatively simple, considering the complexity of the curtain pattern.

Secret I learned from Martha Stewart and that I use when doing my own displays at Target... keep the big stuff lower, the medium-sized stuff in the middle and the small stuff at the top. It works on everything from Christmas tree decorations to endcaps, lol.

I love the room, Manda... and I love your taste! I'll look and see if I can find a picture.

Bethany said...

I like the first one best. Not sure if any of those are to your taste...