Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the "y"

Been thinking about joining the "y"....why you ask? To get rid of this tire around my middle. To tone my flabbo legs. To show my kids a healthy lifestyle isn't just in the movies.

Are you a member? Do you love it?

*Please tell me you inderstand "y" the picture is what it is. 


Cin said...

I totally LOVED belonging to the Y. Water aerobics ROCK! I would sometimes do 2 or even 3 classes in a row. I wish, I wish, I wish we were closer because I would rejoin in a heartbeat.

That picture is so creepy. *laugh*


Michalle said...

I've been thinking about joining myself -- I love aerobics and know I would totally be motivated to hit those up as much as possible!!

meredith said...

totally. we have been thinking about it too...but just haven't gotten around to it.

the picture is hilarious and i think the cowboy looks like a young bill hader from SNL. that and the chaps guy is screaming look at my crotch with that pose.


i <3 your sense of humor.

Bethany said...

If we had a Y near to us, I totally would. 24 hour fitness is cool, but Mark won't go with me. He's all intimidated by the skinnys and the muscle freaks.

Me, I just don't care. If I am going to the gym, I am going to get my money's worth and sweat my ass off. I'm also going to show those old ladies how to take care of their naughty bits and trim it up a little.

Call it my gift to the world... lol.

Point is, Manda... do what YOU want for the great reasons you mentioned. Just stay away from the standing calf press machine. If you do it right, it makes you cry.

b.a. said...

i just interviewed for a job at the grimes YMCA childwatch!!! just today! i'm stoked because one of the job perks is a membership! maybe you should do that. it's only 2-hr. shifts and you can bring your kids! i'm very excited about it.