Friday, April 2, 2010


Such a crazy pic. Couldn't find a normal pic of the living room before. This will have to do.
Light taupe or tan walls  
Huge, green sectional
Red and taupe striped curtains
Shrine to my children on the wall shelves
 The wall opposite of the shrine had absolutely nothing. It was bare.  

Are you ready? 


Are you sure?


 New paint color
 New couch and love seat.
New shelves. New lamps
 New curtains
New sofa table

As an added bonus, here is how I found Chad and Lola last night after dinner.


haverlee said...

Gorgeous, Manda! You did such a great job. I can't wait to see it in person. I bet you just love it every time you walk through the room! I'm getting inspired to "finish" our family room.

Michalle said...

It's amazing. AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely love everything about it. How tres chic! Well done, little mama!

Anonymous said...

that looks really great! you have got a knack for decorating! good job!

Emily said...

LOVE IT! The wall color is so perfect with your furniture. And the white trim really makes it stand out. It's always such a pain to redecorate but the finished product is well worth it! Looks great!

Stefunkc said...

Love it!

Julius Family said...

TA-DA is right! Great job - what a beautiful room.

meredith said...

LOVE IT! Well done, young padawan

Mark, Emily, Lillie and Titus said...

LOOVE it! Awesome job!!! I have been waiting and waiting for your post!!!

Candy said...

soo soo great Manda! makes me really want to sit and relax in that room. you guys did an amazing job!!

b.a. said...

love, love, lovey-mclove. seriously. awesome.

L. C. said...

it looks sooo good! Wow! You did an amazing job. I love the colors!:)

Stacie said...

love. love. love.

Dara said...

Great Job!!! Im proud of you! That was a TON of hard work! Re-do's always take longer and cost more than you plan, getting them accomplished is such a sweet success!

Bethany said...

Oh Manda... I love it!