Sunday, April 11, 2010

mumbo jumbo

*We celebrated Eli's 7th birthday on Friday. I am such a blog dork that I didn't give it much pomp and circumstance here. We had a lovely day. Chad took the day off. We woke up and Eli wanted to open his presents. We got him the Lego Death Star. We took Madeline to Chicago for her 7th birthday and decided than that the 7th b-day would be a BIG deal around here. Not really sure why we picked 7. Chad and I are so random like that. Anyway, so instead of a trip we bought him the DeathStar. He has been obsessing over it for YEARS..or ever since it came out in the Lego catalog a year and half ago. I have heard about the Death Star every day for a year and a half. Most days multiple times. He screamed his little head off when we saw it. It was a moment to remember. Then his friend, Oliver, came over and we took the kids (Madeline too) to ChikFilA for lunch (my fave-totally talked Eli into choosing it the night and then to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D. We were going to go to the regular showing but Eli really wanted Oliver to be able to see it in 3D so he forked over the extra $15 to see it in 3D. I absolutely love when my kids are givers!! The movie was FANTASTIC! A must see in my book and I can't wait to own it! I laughed, I cried, I held my breath. It was a GREAT movie! We came home and had dessert and the boys played video games for a bit. We took Oliver home and had a relaxing evening of Lego building. It was such a FUN FUN FUN day! 

*I am enjoying our new living room so much. It is always picked up and clean. Something about being proud of a room that makes you want to keep it in "drop by" condition. Wish I felt that way about the rest of the house. 

*Chad and I sat down and figured out a budget for school curriculum for next year. I am SUPER excited about the changes that I am making and hope next year is better than this one. I am SO ready for this school year to be done. We have about 5 weeks left and I can't wait for summer vacay to begin!! 

*Madeline and I had the privilege to go the cousin's house Saturday afternoon to take prom pictures of my nieces, Mara and Sophie. They were BEAUTIFUL! We had so much fun taking about 400 pictures of them and their dates. 

*Chad is out morel mushroom hunting right now. I am hoping he can find the motherlode like he did last year. He loves the hunt and we love those tasty morsels!! 

*I don't know what it is about little girls, but there always seems to be drama. I am in the midst of helping Madeline navigate through friend stuff and it is not easy. The Mama Bear inside me wants to rip into these girls that find it okay and apparently necessary to point out to Madeline everything they don't like about her. Madeline and I have talked about being a good friend and what that looks like and how to respond to them when they act that way. It is frustrating to just sit on the sidelines and watch Madeline handle it herself. Madeline is a loyal friend and I love that she is so forgiving but it hurts me to see her hurt. Oh the joys of parenting....oy vey!!

*Chad and I are part of a garden co-op. There are 8 families from church that are a part of it and it is so nice to have this connection with them and with this land. The kids and I have been out planting a couple times so far this season and I absolutely love getting my hands in the dirt. Chad, the kids, and I will go out every Wed. night from 6-8 to work the garden plus whenever we have big planting days or work projects that need to be done. As we sow into the land we hope to reap a great harvest of veggies this summer. This will be the healthiest summer EVER for our family!  We are also sowing into new relationships which has been such a blessing for us!!


haverlee said...

Love this post. So cool that you're part of that garden co-op. I've never really heard of anything like that. Very cool!

Michalle said...

LADY. Wait until Madeline's first heartbreak. THAT, I don't know how I'll handle when I'm a mother.

Gee, I'm a positive one, aren't I? haha

Regardless of what your young lady goes through, I know you'll handle it with wisdom and the utmost of class. No doubt about that.

Bethany said...

It's so fun to see that look of pure joy. Glad Eli had such a great day! Hope you have a wonderful birthday too!