Friday, June 11, 2010

blew it

Totally blew my weight watching (yes, I have turned Weight Watchers into a verb or is it an adverb) today. Went out for lunch with my sister and mom. Investigated the menu the night before and figured out the points to all kinds of healthy things. Got to the restaurant and ordered a cheeseburger and fries. GAH! To make matters worse my sister and I stopped at a bakery/cafe on the way home and I bought a sugar cookie and a molasses cookie. I ate the sugar cookie first. Waited 2 hours and just finished eating the molasses cookie. I feel like I need to throw up.  My stomach hurts. That will teach me. I hope.

Thankfully I still had plenty of weekly points to add to my daily points so I didn't blow it so bad that I would be out of control in the points department. There is always a positive side, right?

Back to the healthy eating that I have been getting used to this past few days. Oh joy!

1 comment:

haverlee said...

oh my are so funny. you're not allowed to hang out with your sister anymore. you need to wear a WWKE bracelet: What Would Kathleen Eat? :)

Love ya. You know how much Bethany and I can't wait to go shopping with you when you reach your goal? You should start saving for a "skinny shopping spree".