Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rockin' it and rebellion

I have been totally rockin' the Weight Watchers for almost a week. It will be 7 days tomorrow. *gulp*  I designated Sundays as my weigh in day. Not sure why. So I weighed myself Sunday morning nakie after my shower. There was a pleasant little surprise. I dropped 2 pounds from Wed-Sun. Yay. I will take that little victory. I would love to see big numbers a la Biggest Loser but that ain't gonna happen. Not unless Jillian shows up at my house and makes me work out until I puke. Sounds fun, huh? I will incorporate exercise when I feel like it. Maybe soon. Some days I feel motivated to go out and run a marathon but I know my family would miss me when I die from a heart attack half way down the block. It wouldn't be pretty. I know I need to do something physical to up my downward weight. Did that make any sense at all?

After 6 tedious days of obsessing about points and planning every meal 3 hours in advance I said, "Screw you, Weight Watchers!" and had McDonalds for lunch while I was out gallavanting and running errands. EEEEEK! I know. I would love to say that I felt horribly guilty and beat myself with a belt to purge the fast food demons from my soul, but I didn't. I loved every fat filled, salty bite. And then I came home and logged my points like a good little weight watcher who is a slave to "the point." I still have 6 points for the day! *wootwoot*

Starting weight: 227
Current weight: 225
Goal: 165

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CK said...

Yay Manda! 2 pounds is a total victory! If you ever need some extra motivation I suggest a meeting, but if you can do it on your own you are a total rockstar! Keep on updating, it is motivating to read about somebody else losing weight! :)