Friday, July 23, 2010

rockin' the dress

I totally rocked a sundress at a friend's going away to Afghanistan party. Not that we were celebrating him leaving. Heaven's no. We were wishing him God's protection as he fights for our freedom and the freedom of others. So yeah. I wore a super cute sundress and I totally should have taken a pic but I am not b.a. and do not have a fashion blog. Although from all this talk about clothes you might think I do. Or not.  I texted b.a. a pic of me in the dress and simply asked "Yes or no." knowing full well that she would tell me "no" if she deemed necessary. She came back with a resounding "Definitely yes!" I was thrilled to have one of my fashion icons (ha! that might be a tad dramatic but who cares) think something I picked out was cute. Woohoo! One point for "clueless in the fashion department Manda!"  I arrived at the party thinking I was totally to die for cute and received numerous compliments. I felt good and the 3 "Amber Waves" didn't take away from that feeling at all. *insert smirk here* 

I have this new found love of  the dress. I have the adorable sundress I wore that night. The super cute dress from Cassie (my blog buddy) and I was at Target tonight and picked up another dress that is SO FREAKING CUTE!!! I can't wait to wear it out on the town with my hubs. Maybe I should invest in some summery wedges to amp up the fashion meter (and to make my trunks look longer and leaner.) See? I totally pay attention to Rachel Zoe and Clinton and Stacy! I am not a total lost cause...although I secretly wanted my friend to nominate me for their show. Not anymore, baby, I am figuring it out! Embracing my body and rockin' the dress!!! 


b.a. said...

yay! i'm so proud of you. you TOTALLY rocked that dress and, you're right, you need to embrace the genius camoflaging abilities of the dress/skirt world. :) let's go shopping!!!

haverlee said...

i wondered if I was the "friend". sure enough :) come were NEVER that bad!
And definitely need a wedge. Its amazing what a little heel will do for your confidence!

The Kimlers said...

Yay!! I am glad you liked it! You should definitely take some pics of you in these dresses!! I am so happy to read this post(on vacation of course, just can't get enough)after you last post. YAY Manda!!! Keep it rockin sista!!!!

Michalle said...

The wedge = Michalle's little bit of heaven. I wear mine so much, in fact, that I broke TWO pairs last week. Which just gives me an excuse to go pick up some more.