Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mind meld

*This little bird sat in our front bushes for a long time the other day. I took this pic through the window of the door so I wouldn't disturb him. Isn't he cute?

*We leave for Florida (Chad and I sans kids) in 17 days to celebrate 10 years of marital bliss. I am so excited I could burst. Really. Really. Excited. We are driving and I am just as excited for the car trip as for the beach. Is that crazy? In case you missed it, we are staying here. Once in FL you will find me


and here. 
*bom chicka bom bom*

*In preparation for FL, Chad and I (and the kids) have been hitting the neighborhood pool every Sunday for the last 2 months to tan up.  I switched bathing suits 2 weeks ago. The halter straps on the first suit were much wider than the new suit. Got pretty burnt the first week. Peeled and went out this past Sunday (against my better judgement) and got uber burnt. Blister burnt. Oozy blisters now. Not fun. Stupid. I should know better. I bet you don't want to hear that last night as I was sleeping this side was seeping and stuck to my pajamas. I moved weird and the skin ripped off and I could feel the rest of is oozing down my chest and had to peel the dried skin off the inside of my jams. Gross. That was fun at 4AM.  

*Eli lost his first tooth last night. It was quite the production. He looks adorable and the lost tooth induced lisp is hilarious. The next morning he had a dentist appointment to pull 2 of his middle bottom teeth to make room for the 2 permanent teeth that were popping up behind them. Once at the dentist we realized that it still wasn't going to be enough room so the dentist pulled 4 teeth . Eli was so brave and didn't freak out at all. I was so proud of him! 

*There was a conference at church last week from Wed night through Sat night. Thanks to awesome grandparents and an amazing hubby I was able to attend the whole thing. It was a  life changing experience. I cannot put into words all that God is doing in my life and all that He is going to do. I am so excited for this next season of life as I seek Him. Amazing. Simply amazing.


Michalle said...

I'm thinking I may have to take a solo trip to your anniversary hot spot. A week of solitude in a place like that would refresh this lost, tired soul.

Congrats to Eli!

I forbid myself from scolding you on the burn, because I myself am the burn queen. You and I at a pool together would be most dangerous. ;-)

haverlee said...

love this post! love the pics. not loving your oozing skin. you better bring arbonne sunscreen on your trip!