Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacation 201-updated with pics

*Another beautiful day in paradise. *sigh*

*Found a black widow spider in the outdoor shower yesterday morning after I was chasing sand crabs trying to get a good picture of one. Those buggers are fast. Told Chad about it after he got home from walking the beach and shelling. He took a couple pics of her and then killed her. Sorry, Peta, don't need a spider bite ruining our vacation.

*Chad watched some crabs feeding in the morning. He saw some people crabbing in the bay and talked to them  about it. He then decided to go get his Florida Saltwater fishing license for the week. He just got back this morning (Monday morning) with four blue crabs. EEEEK! The water is boiling and we are having crab for breakfast.
Before cooking.

After cooking.

Meat from crabs.

*We were on the beach reading and relaxing and we saw these kamikaze seagulls dive bombing in to the ocean to get fish. It was hilarious to watch! I also loved watching the sandpiper birds picking at the sand. Their legs are so tiny and long. Totally fun!

*Had the crazy urge to see how much it would be to fly the kids here on Wednesday so they could experience this place with us. I am missing them something fierce. Well, it would be about $800 and then we saw that they can't fly alone anyway. Boo. Oh well, this has been so good for Chad and I and we are only on day 2. Woot woot!!

*I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to be here with Chad. It is amazing to think about 10 years ago and all that we have experienced and endured in our marriage. I can honestly say that I love him more now than the day I married him.

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Michalle said...

Your happiness makes my heart smile. :-)

What day is your actual anniversary?