Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation 301

*I miss my kids. We call them every night before we go to bed to hear their voices and to see how their day went. Eli is usually distracted by something else and doesn't talk much. Madeline asks lots of questions about our day and says very little about hers. I can tell she misses us and that makes me miss her more. It is a strange feeling to love where you are and to love being just Chad and I and yet the other half of our little family is 20 hours away. I can't wait to see them and yet I am still loving our alone beach time. Quite the quandry.

*There is literally nothing better than watching the sunset over the ocean  in a hot tub with a glass of wine.
Yes, I have my suit on. Sickos.

*We saw 2 manta rays yesterday. The water was so clear. The clearest it has been since we got here. You could see them perfectly swimming along on the bottom. We were in about 2 feet of water. Amazing! Plus we saw these little silver fish that would come in with the surf. They would bump into your toes and then scurry back to the deeper water. So much fun to watch. 

*Chad went out again this morning to hunt crab. He came home with 9 this time. He has been cleaning them for over an hour. Crazy.

*We are getting into a little routine here. Chad gets up early and heads out to walk the beach to shell or hunt for crabs. I wake up around 8 or so and have a cup of coffee and watch the waves and wait for him to come home. We have breakfast. Then we head to the beach. I read a book. He sits and watches the waves or goes off to see what he can see in the water. We come in around lunch time, shower, and go into a town for lunch and shopping. We come home and walk the beach then we hit the hot tub for sunset. Shower again and then to bed to watch TV as we doze off. 

*Yesterday we drove into Apalachicola to go have lunch and get some shopping in. I am still looking for the perfect gift for Madeline. Eli is easy to shop for. Madeline is a little more involved. Anyway, we had lunch at The Owl Cafe. It was one of the best meals I have ever had. Everything was perfect and tasty and amazing!! I hope Chad and I can go back for dinner some night before we leave. It was THAT good!!

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CK said...

Reading about your vacation is so fun! I am jealous. I totally want to go there!