Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation 401

*Got up. Had breakfast. Watched some tv.

*Read "Loving Our Kids on Purpose" by Danny Silk. Read most of it to Chad as we sat by the ocean. This book is going to change our household. Wait. Chad and I with the help of the Holy Spirit are going to change our household. It is a must read for parents. The sooner the better. Thankfully, God's mercy is new every morning!!

 *The water was so calm and clear yesterday that we decided to bust out our snorkel gear. We were under water for about 15 minutes and Chad got stung by a moon jellyfish. We couldn't see as well as we thought we would be able to. He must have swam over the jellyfish. It stung his nipple and his thumb. I was under water and didn't see him stumble over himself and run on top of the water to get out of harm's way much like Wile E. Coyote would. Thankfully, he is fine.

*We went to eat in Port St. Joe to Joe Mama's Wood Fire Pizza. It was amazing!! We ordered the chicken wings starter, then foccacia bread, and then the quatro pizza. We took a piece of cheesecake to go. All the food was outstanding!! We are foodies at heart and love a great meal! YAY!!

*We walked the beach after we got home from dinner. Saw a couple moon jellyfish washed up on the beach and a bunch of blue crab. Weird.

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Stacie said...

love reading about your vacation! i am so glad you are having such a fabulous time! makes me happy! :)