Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's a mad mad mad mad party!



Madeline wanted to be Mad Hatter-esque for her party so we called on her punk rock cousin, Mara, to do it up. I think she looks pretty cool. 

A mural/picture that Chad drew that originally was going to be a "Pin the hat on the Hatter" game. It ended up being a tad big, so we scrapped that idea and made it a picture back drop.

 Peepaw Charlie, Grammy Delite.

Madeline, Sophie. 
Madeline, Sophie, Ian.
Madeline, Sophie, Ian, Leo.
Madeline, Sophie, Ian, Leo, Eli.
 Madeline, Sophie, Ian, Leo, Eli, Mara.

 Auntie, Uncle Scott. 

 Grandpa Jay, Grandma Rhonda.

 Nana Julie, Poppy Randy.

Mad Hatter Madeline and her makeup artist, Mara.

The tablescape. 

Opening presents.

It was a wonderfully mad party!!