Monday, January 17, 2011

on my mind...

*Found out today that a family member (who we see maybe twice a year) unfriended me on facebook after I sent him a message about not having our kids exchange Christmas presents anymore. whatev...

*Had a bit of drama at Madeline's birthday party. I am so over the drama makers.

*Would totally use crack to lose weight if I knew my skin wouldn't turn to crap and my teeth wouldn't fall out and my brain wouldn't lose any of its functionality and it wouldn't make me a raving lunatic and I wouldn't overdose. Plus I have no idea how to do it or where to get it.

*Looked up the local school system to see what it would take for the kids to go back to school next year. After reading all the regulations, decided that wasn't the right move for us.

*Having lunch tomorrow with a friend who I adore but don't see nearly enough. Love that we can get together and it seems like no time has passed between us.

*All of our saltwater fish are dead. Don't freak out. We only had two. It is crazy to think that $70 in fish has gone to the ocean in the sky. We still have a few snails and a couple mini crabs and some bristle starfish and some anemone like things that are growing.

*Eli has the stinkiest feet ever. They stink 15 minutes after he gets out of the shower. He thinks it is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if your family member is a certain ex of mine, and if so...I find this amusing, because I, myself just discovered that I had been deleted as a friend on FB as well when I tried to send him a message regarding a posting on my credit report from our relationship of past when we shared a credit card account.

Drama King.

If you speak of a different family member, then I'm still calling him a Drama King anyhow. I have no shame in that. :-)

Laughed OUT LOUD at your "I have no idea how to do it or where to get it." Cause I think about that all the time when I hear about drug runners. I'm always wondering, "soooo, how do they know where to go and get this stuff anyhow??!?"

I lost 4 pounds last week. I'm sure I'll gain it back by ends' week. Story of my life.

I'm random.

haverlee said...

um, i love hearing about your family drama. i think i need to be the next friend (who you don't see nearly enough) that you have lunch with.

we just got a fish tank a few nights ago. a big goldfish and a fiddler crab. the fish is already dying. i think he's starving to death because he's not eating the goldfish pellets. i think we need to get the flakes.

Becka said...

I would love to hear some family drama!!!