Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mega mind

*I can't stand Michelle on "The Bachelor." I want to punch her in her stupid face and give her a real black eye. I totally think her black eye was make-up. They don't go away that fast. 

*"Teen Mom2" is a train wreck. I wanna shake those girls and tell them to get a freakin' brain!

*I want a perm...a loose, beachy curl perm.  Chad is going to read this and find the voice recording of me telling him that I promise never to get another perm as long as I live. 

*I had a $20 credit to amazon so I used it to get a curling iron so I can try out the beachy curl thing without the permanent factor. 

*I need someone to teach me how to do my hair. And my make-up. I need an intervention. 

*I bought an elliptical in October from a friend. It is finally going to be delivered tomorrow. I am scared of it. 

*I am gearing up for some major life changes and I am so excited! They have nothing to do with the elliptical. 

*I have a 10 year old daughter who is obsessed with talking about puberty...boobs, her period, shaving, zits, etc. are common topics of conversation between the two of us. 

*I am going away with my hubby...just the two of us...for a conference in Minneapolis the first weekend in Feb. I love going on road trips with him. 

*I think I am going to do a "friend" purge on Facebook.  I hope you make the cut...ha. 

*I have a blank corner in my living room. I don't know what to do with it. 

*I made asked Chad to grow a goatee when we were first married. I loved them. Thought they were manly. He grew one. It was awful. There is probably a recording somewhere of me promising to never request a goatee from him ever again.  There is one picture of it from my Aunt and Uncle's wedding. Y'know, the big family picture forever emblazoned with Chad's patchy goat. 


b.a. said...

hav can teach you how to do your hair. i can teach you how to do your makeup. no (scary) intervention needed.

also, ellipticals aren't scary like treadmills because if you stop moving, they stop moving. kinda nice.

ack! puberty talk! that's scary, but good. at least she's asking YOU!!!

Cin said...

Sounds like Hav and Bethany have the hair styling and make-up covered. Sign me up to give you the perm.

The Kimlers said...

i LOVE how you are doing these posts. Before I could read anything I noticed your BEAUTIFUL picture!! Hot momma!!!:)

Emily said...

Lol Amanda, too funny!!! I wish I was there for the hair and makeup lessons. Soooo fun :). I think its awesome that Madeline is talking to you about all that because I sure as heck didn't want to talk to my mom!!

Stefunkc said...

I read the whole post and agreed with many things, but number 1 spoke to me. When is he going to see that she's a pyscho??? I guarantee you she gave herself the black eye so she'd get more camera time and sympathy!