Wednesday, February 16, 2011

brain dump

*Please keep praying for Cooper. He isn't doing well at all right now. To catch up on his progress check out the link to the right.

*I added another friend to my prayer list on the right. She is another mom who I met online when I was pregnant with Eli (same as Cooper's mom). She is having brain surgery on the 23rd to relieve pressure in her brain due to a malformation in her brain. She has 3 small children and really needs our prayers!!

*Being a parent is freaking hard. Being a parent to a pre-preteen is torturous. So many things to think about and to change in me. So many ways to parent and trying to find the perfect fit for us and our daughter.

*I would love for the kids to have their own rooms. It is possible in this house, but it will take some major shuffling of our stuff.

*We need to sell our mini van. Do you know anyone who is looking for one? Let me know!

*We are sending Madeline back to school next year. I am so excited for her. This is going to be so good for both of us.

*I have this dream to write children's books.

*My niece, Sophie, is going to All-State for the Iowa High School Speech Association on Saturday. I am so proud of her.  I can't wait to see her perform. I can't wait to get "back to my roots" and to feel the energy of all those nervous and excited performers. I will probably cry.

*I can't find artwork for my bedroom to save my life. I might try to make something.

*I am obsessed with sushi. I crave it.

*Check out my other blog transformanda to check up on my weight loss misadventures.

*The warmer temps this past week has made me really excited for summer. I wanna hit the pool and get my tan on. I love being tan. The picture to the right makes me miss summertime. Hanging by the pool with my honey and my kids. Bliss!!


haverlee said...

I love your "list" posts and all the creative titles you come up with for them. Brain dump was a good one.
It completely cracks me up how many times you guys have rearranged rooms since living in that house. That's so not me. I'm such a "stick it there and leave it forever" kind of person.
Good luck on the art work. And the children's book. I'll be the first one to buy yours.

meredith said...

you can TOTALLY make some art for your room. I'll help you if you need!