Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Chad and I went out yesterday for our Valentine's date. We were out of the house by 11 to get sushi for lunch. Finding a sushi joint for lunch on a Sunday is almost impossible. But we ended up at Cool Basil, which is one of our favorite thai restaurants. Their Tom Ka Kai soup is AMAZING and we love their Kua Kai.  We ordered a couple sushi rolls, a cup of Tom Ka Kai for me, and Chad got the Kua Kai.  The sushi was uber delicious and we decided that we just need to get sushi next time. I would have rather ordered a couple more sushi rolls than soup and noodles. We had a lovely time eating yummy food despite the phone calls from our kids tattle-telling on each other. After lunch we went to Costco (no date is complete without a trip to Costco) and bought a new coffee maker and my favorite movie ever, Braveheart, on blu-ray. Plus we bought some groceries and toilet paper. It was a thrilling trip. Ha! We bought a few perishables and with the WARM weather (it was a glorious 54 degrees yesterday!!) we needed to drop them off at home but our date wasn't over yet!! The kids were a bit peeved that we were leaving again but we wanted dessert!!  Our original plan was to go to Smokey Row for coffee and dessert. Have you been there on a Sunday afternoon? Every college student in the state is there with their laptops taking up every table for HOURS!! We walked in, looked around, and walked out. We ended up going to Gateway Market. I had a piece of red velvet cake. Chad had piece of cheesecake. They were both delicious and a sweet ending to our marathon date. 

I love spending the day with just my honey. Even going to Costco is fun when it is just the two of us. Is it too soon to be counting down the day until our kids are on their own? 

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Chad said...

I think this was the best valentines day of my life babe even though I was starting to get sick. What made it so awesome was just being able to spend the time with you.

I love you Manda Renee!