Saturday, February 12, 2011

my love

October 2010

I love my husband. Really love him. We have had an amazing revival (can't really think of another way to describe it) of our marriage the last couple weeks and I feel like I did when we were first married. I am completely infatuated with him. I can't keep my hands off of him. I think about him all day when he is at work and I can't wait for him to come home at night just so I can be in the same space, breathing the same air. I know, so corny, but so true.

I think back to when we first met 11 years ago.  I watched him walk up the driveway on a Sunday night to hang out with my roommates after they were at church together. I was immediately attracted to him in his red Old Navy v-neck knit shirt tucked into his blue jeans. It was sometime in January of 2000. I would say there was a connection between us from the first night we met.  We hung out with our mutual group of friends (my roommates were his church friends) for a few weeks. We would be a little flirty with each other. We would make sure we were sitting next to each other when we were in the group. We would talk for hours after every one else went home.  Then one night he came to see me at work (I worked at a local Christian bookstore) and he asked me if I would want to go out that Saturday night. I said yes. On March 4, 2000 we had our first official date. That was the start of a whirlwind romance that resulted in our wedding day 176 days later on August 26, 2000.

I remember the first time my family met him. My dad's birthday is at the end of February and my sister hosted his party. Chad came by and met them and ate carrot cake. My mom told me later that Chad was a charmer and to be careful. HA! That must have been before our first date.

The first time he came into work and we had lunch together after our first date, a trusted friend of mine said she knew he was "the one."

He was and is "the one." The one man in this world who carries my heart with him wherever he goes. The one who has my best interests at heart. The one who protects me. The one who makes me smile like no one else can. The one who provides for my every need. The one who gives me butterflies in my stomach when he walks in the room. The one who understands my craziness. The one who loves me unconditionally. The one who would lay down his life for mine. The one who I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with.


meredith said...

so sweet!! what a love-ly post, just in time for Valentine's Day. now, get a room... :)

b.a. said...

ooooh i love you two!

Mitch said...

I'm so incredibly happy for you cause I don't know of two people more deserving of a love like this!!

Now, to sit patiently and wait for mine to find it's way into my life..... (sigh)