Tuesday, March 29, 2011

brain burst

*I can't find a swimsuit for Madeline to save my life. Why do suits have to be so stupid looking or so skimpy she might as well be naked?

*Only a few weeks until Florida!! Woot woot!!

*My Grams is coming to visit the second week in April. She is hilarious,tiny, and wrinkly. She smokes and drinks and gambles. She even used some of her casino winnings to remodel her church's kitchen. We don't see her as often as we should and we usually go to her farm in Walnut Grove, MN so it is a special treat that she is coming here. YAY!!

*I got a nookcolor for Christmas and I love it. But I still love reading a real book more. The pages. The smell. It can't be replaced.

*I really hope I am not entertaining Aunt Flo while we are in FL. That would suck.

*I hate worrying about money. I hate when people hold on to checks forever and you completely forget it is out there and all of a sudden it has been cashed. It makes me hiccup!

*I started growing a giant zit by my temple yesterday. I woke up this morning and it is ginormous! It looks like a third nipple on my face. It is still underground. Not ready to pop.  Oy vey!

*My new favorite food is South Union ciabatta toast with butter. I could eat a whole giant loaf in one day and not feel guilty at all!

*I also really love gorgonzola cheese on my salad with pecans and raspberry vinaigrette and strawberries.

*My mom makes this killer chicken salad with rice, grapes, cinnamon, almonds, and apple juice in it. I am craving it now. Maybe she will read this and make me some. :-)


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Try Lime Ricki Swimwear (limericki.com). They have the cutest swimsuits! Have a wonderful trip!

Cin said...

You said a THIRD nipple on your face?

Emily said...

You are so FUNNY! Thanks for making me laugh-my day needed that! Please, please share your mom's chicken salad recipe. I crave it regularly!

meredith said...

there are NO words for this post. you have me rolling!!