Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It has been several months since I posted about Eli's room makeover. A few of my readers have asked how it looks and I would love to post some amazing pics of a complete room but....I can't. It is done enough that Eli is living in it (and LOVING it) but there are too many details missing to be truly done.

Back in June, the kids and I took a road trip for the day to bust up to Minneapolis to pick up Eli's new Malm bed, and some curtains. It was quite the trip with just the 3 of us. We woke up bright and early, hit the road, rocked it out at Ikea, and then I took the kids to the Mall of America to the Lego Store and American Girl. We were home by 9pm. It was a great adventure!

The Done List
-Room cleared
-Bed put together
-Bedding washed and on bed
-All of Eli's stuff moved in
-Shark head on wall
-Other wall decor up
-New Pella windows installed

Still To Do
-Figure out closet doors and install
-Put up curtain rods
-Iron and hem curtains
-Paint curtains
-Hang curtains
-Purchase Lego minifigure display shelf
-Hang Lego shelf
-Hang other wall decor
-Get board for bed so mattress sits lower
-New ceiling fixture (the old one doesn't fit the decor at all but this will probably wait for awhile)

I have been scared to death to do the curtains. I am incredibly intimidated about painting them but I NEED to do it. I threw them in the wash tonight to prep them for hemming. I hope to get them ironed and hemmed tomorrow and get the lines measured and taped off. I might need some moral support the day I paint them. Eeeeeek!

I can't bring myself to post pics until the curtains are hopefully it will be next week that I can post some pics.


Meredith said...

dusting off the ol'e blog eh? i am so excited to see before/after pictures (even though I have seen it!) let me know if you want help with the curtains, I can totally help---I don't have a cheerleading skirt, but I do have some TEAM SPIRIT!!! :)

The Kimlers said...

MANDA!! Welcome back dear!! We've missed you!! I totally hear you about finished, but so far from finished. Keep going your doing great. Don't worry, i am still fretting about finishing the curtains for our nursery... i'm even convincing myself now just to use no sew tape and iron them.. lol SAD SAD... Wish you better luck than me!!:) Can't wait to see!!Hows school going for Madeline?