Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eli's curtains

Which would you pick for Eli's new room? Check the previous post to see the direction it is headed.

Option #1

Option #2 with white miniblinds 

Option #3 I make them with the help of my friend. Either white with a navy blue stripe at the bottom. Or wide vertical navy and white stripes.

What would you do?


CLK said...

I like the long striped ones! Although, I think the self made ones sound nice too!

Becka said...

I vote for #2. Make the room look nautical.

Emily said...

#1!! Love them!! Something about the huge grommets and the wide stripes. Perfect with the plaid!

meredith said...

love, love, love #1 and WOW...what a great friend to help you. seriously, might be the best friend EV-A!

Anonymous said...

While I simply am IN LOVE with #1, for me it would be too much with the bedding. Therefore, #2 would be the better choice. In my opinion. :-)

Emily said...

Ok, so I keep checking your blog to see a room update!!!! Where are you???? Dying to see what you've done! :)