Friday, May 10, 2013

House post #4: Wrestling

The new development of this older home in Waukee really threw Chad and I for a loop. We were in the active process of getting our dream house plan ironed out with a builder and we had found a near perfect lot. We didn't have a ton of time to mull it over and pray about it. We were closing on our current home in less than 6 weeks. Where were we going to live?

It was all I could think about for days and many sleepless nights. I had a mental pros and cons list going on both options.

Build Pros:
Everything is NEW.
It is EXACTLY the house we would want.
More than enough space.
Everything on my want list is included.
The lot is bigger than Waukee lots for less money.

Build Cons:
It would be 6 months before we could move in.
We would have to live in an apartment anyway. The live with friends offer fell through because they might sell their house. That is $8,000.
The location is further out of town than we wanted. While closer to the farm than we are now, further from everything else.
It was at the tippy top of our budget and our budget would be tight.

Waukee house Pros:
The location is PERFECT in every way!
Very very affordable.
A remodel/addition is still under the build budget.
2 1/4 acres to run and skip and jump.
Our dear friends are ACROSS the STREET!
The property is beautiful...lots of trees, fruit trees, lilac bushes, flowers everywhere.

Waukee house Cons:
It is old.
It is outdated.
It is small.
It is not cute on the outside.
It does not have any of the things on my want list.

After several days of obsessing over my feelings and thoughts, talking with Chad about his thoughts and feelings, I was pretty convinced I knew which direction was best for us. But there was still that part of me (a pretty big part of me) that knew I was giving up a lot of what I really wanted and ultimately, what I thought I deserved.

And then God weighed in...

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