Saturday, May 11, 2013

House post #5: Decision

It was a Sunday morning (April 14) and we were at our new church, Westwind, in Waukee. The new worship leader was preaching for the first time that morning and I was super excited to hear him speak. We have been going through the book of Ecclesiastes...(exciting stuff, folks) and he was speaking on Chapter 5:8-20. It was about the dangers of chasing wealth at the expense of living a happy and fulfilled life with a pure heart(my paraphrase). Near the end of his sermon he shared an illustration about a guide in Alaska who was taking an Amish man on a moose hunt. They were on the hunt for a prize winning, massive moose named Rosco that lives in a valley. The day after Norm, the Amish guy, got into town they set off to find Rosco. It wasn't long before they saw Rosco in the valley in perfect daylight as if the gods had opened up the heavens and had him perfectly positioned for them to see him. They are super excited and Rocky, the guide, needs to get Norm about 600 yards closer to get a shot off to kill this prized moose. About 100 yards into the stalk, another bull moose jumps out in front of them. Rocky looks at Norm and says, "Norm, put your gun down. We are going to get Rosco. I have never seen a moose this big. We are going to get him." Norm looks at Rocky and says, "What the Lord giveth me, I will taketh." Norm has been dreaming of this prize moose, has spent thousands and thousands of dollars to get all the way to Alaska to hunt this moose, has hired a guide used by the rich and famous, it is so close and in his sights and he is after it, and right as he gets close, the Lord brings something else in front of him. Rocky tries to argue with him but Norm says again, "What the Lord has given me, I will take."

If you are a God fearing, Jesus loving, Holy Spirit listening individual...I do not have to tell you that that story hit me like a TON of bricks. Here was our prize moose, the new build in Van Meter. It is right in our sights. It is something Chad and I have dreamed about for years. We are in pursuit. Then WHAM! There is the acreage in Waukee. While the location could not be more perfect in more ways than I can explain here, the house itself is nothing to look at and outdated. But God clearly put it in our path (see #3) using the strangest of circumstances that could not be ignored.

After hearing that sermon illustration and really seeking God's truth in all of this...I knew. The acreage in Waukee is where we are supposed to be.

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