Wednesday, May 1, 2013

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

So, I have been gone for awhile..a long while...

What has been happening the last several months?

*I got a J-O-B! It is 14 hours a week working at a marketing/branding/advertising agency. I am the admin assistant. It is exactly what I was looking for when I decided I needed a job.

*Chad is now working from home. It was a pretty goofy transition to have him home all the time. Now, I love it. I get to work from home some days as well, so we sit side by side and I bug him while he tries to get stuff done. He loves it.

*We sold our house in 5 days. We close on this house May 30th.

*We bought a house in Waukee. We close on that house May 30th. #this one will have a whole post on its    own when everything gets is an amazing story...stay tuned#

I am hoping to blog more often...we will see what happens.

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haverlee said...

keep it up! i want to follow along on this house adventure! (and help too, when needed!)