Saturday, August 25, 2012

New season

I have entered a new season in my life.a good season.a different season. It is weird. I am a stay at home mom...without kids at home. They are at school all day.

Eli loves school, his teacher, and his new found friends, Champ and August. After being homeschooled for K-2nd, it was his decision to go to "real" school for 3rd grade. He was ready. I was ready. We could afford the private tuition. It was a bit of a no brainer for us. 

The first day he bounded out of bed and was dancing in the hallway, singing "It's the first day of school! It's the first day of school!" He was jazzed. His first day was amazing and it helps a bit that his teacher is ADORABLE! I can tell he is going to want to impress her with his that even a word? He made a new friend the second day of school. He talks about Champ a lot. (In case you think the kid's parents are weird by naming their child Champ, his last name is Champion and his first name is the same as his they call him Champ.) He came home the third day and told us about his other new friend, August. It makes this mama's heart feel so much better knowing that he has other boys to play with. Yay for new opportunities and new friends! I am so proud of Eli for jumping in with both feet!! 

Madeline has started the school year with ease. She loves school..the social aspect and the academics. She was bummed to learn that her best friend isn't in her class but they get to see each other at lunch and recess. Plus this will give her a  little push to get to know other girls in her class better. She seems so much older to me and I swear she has grown 2 inches this summer...that girl has some legs. Eeeek! Her goal is to have perfect attendance and all "A"s on her report card. I know she can do it and I can't wait to see her succeed!! 

As for me, I am trying to figure out this new life I have. I have been busy in the mornings with running errands or going to have coffee with a friend or going to my parents to help my dad install a storm door. It is the afternoons that I am unsure of what to do...which leads me to head to the bathtub to take a long bath with a book. It is amazingly relaxing but it is going to get old super fast. I need to figure out a cleaning schedule, meal planning, and all those other domestic tasks that I have neglected over the past 11 years. HA! 

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