Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So far...

Oh my! Welcome to crazyville!! This post might be all over the place so bear with me!

We have been in our house for one month exactly! Want to know what we have accomplished on our MONSTER To-Do list? It is laughable...totally laughable.

  • I have spent HOURS cleaning the disgusting layer of filth on everything (do you follow me on instagram? mandamil is my username. have you seen the refrigerator door? GROSS!)
  • We have replaced the outside solar powered lights by our front door. And that got done only because Chad was at Costco and found some that are more our style and that actually work.
  • Chad has replaced several of the dark brown light switches with white or maybe they were just REALLY dirty!
  • And he has put a new door knob on our bedroom door that locks. (One kid pop in during woo-hoo put that on the top of the priority list! At what age do they learn to knock and wait until you say they can enter? Because the 12 year old still doesn't understand that concept!)

I am not sure how it happened but the first room that is receiving any updating attention is the bathroom. I have busted out the priming of our bathroom vanity and Chad has taken stuff off the bathroom walls (ie. the towel bars that ran the entire perimeter of the space) and patched the dry wall and sanded some areas, but we are no where near being done with the tiniest of all our rooms. We still need to...
  • sand the primer layer on the vanity and drawers for a nice, smooth finish
  • paint the vanity and drawers
  • sand the walls
  • paint the ceiling
  • paint the walls
  • replace the itsy bitsy ceiling fan (yes, you heard that right) but have no idea with what...there is zero ventilation in there and the fan supposedly helps with that?
  • find and put up new towel hooks instead of bars...i cannot tell you how many hooks i have looked head is spinning
  • find new shower curtain that is WAY longer than what we have now...I want it to the ceiling...may have to bust out the sewing machine for this one
  • find artwork for the walls that is fun and beachy but not too themey

Yikes, just looking at the to-do for this tiny room makes this non-DIYer break into hives.  I will leave you with a few BEFORE shots of the bathroom when we first looked at the house so you can feel the pain of what needs to be transformed...unfortunately, we do not have a pic of the teeny tiny ceiling fan...

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