Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Colors..what to do...what to do..I don't have a single clue..

Chad and I have lived in our current home for ten years. All we needed to do when we moved in was paint and replace some carpet. All the walls were white...a blank slate.

 I picked the colors and we went to town. The living room was beige. The kitchen was a pale blue. Eli's room has this weird texture on the walls so we did a blue wash so it looked like the sky. Madeline's room was pink below the chair rail and white on top, glow under the door pink! Those colors were changed throughout the years. Mad's room became our room and we painted it green on the bottom. The bathroom lost it's original tulip wallpaper and went tangerine orange(it was crazy), then navy blue a couple years later. After about 7 years we landed on what our walls are now...we painted all the trim in our house white and the living room went from beige to grey. The kitchen and bathroom became a pale pale robin's egg blue. Our bedroom is cream including the chair rail so it disappears into the wall. Madeline's room upstairs is all white paneling. Our whole house is EXACTLY the colors I love.

So here lies the dilemma. My current house is full of colors I love. Do I keep those colors for the new house or go nuts and completely change it up? I am a girl who loves change...so I am leaning towards switching it up. Chad and I went out on my birthday to Lowe's to look at paint swatches and I found three colors for the main living areas.

RainPuddle: living room and hall

RainDrop: Kitchen

SnowCap White: trim and doors

I really like those colors especially the kitchen color with our future plans for the kitchen cabinets. (I can't wait to share those plans but I need to wait until we get in the house so I can take and post more pics.) But am I totally sold on those colors? No, I am not. I could be but not sure I am ready to commit. Especially considering there are SO many colors out there!!! Like all of these...that I really like as much as the ones above...  





I have not even thought about colors for the bathroom, bedrooms, downstairs, or sunroom. All I know is that all the trim is going white. That should keep up busy for awhile. Ha! 

How do you approach picking colors for your house? What do you think about the colors I have chosen? Any ideas I might not have thought of? 


haverlee said...

I'll leave you with this- when we moved into our current house, I went with the green in our kitchen because I love change too and I couldn't imagine using the exact same colors we had in our Waukee house. Well, for the sheer sake of change, I've lived with a wall color I haven't loved for over 3 years now. I like it but don't love it. Go with what you LOVE, even if its the same. It won't feel the same since its an all new house!

Our master bedroom is the one I got right. Our old master was a robin's egg blue and brown but I wanted a more sophisticated, moodier blue. I'm crazy about our bedroom color now. So think about the ones you really loved but can tweak a bit to make them even better.

And one more thing...spend more on wipeable matte paint in every room. I keep using semi-gloss in bathrooms and hate it. It just looks cheap.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Haverlee. I have carried over a few of the paint colors from our last house because I loved them and I still love them in our current house. When I've done something I haven't loved, I always end up painting it again after a while anyway which is just a pain. Like she said, even if you use the same colors, it will still be new in a new house! (Although I do love the color swatches you posted. Makes me want to go paint something......)