Thursday, October 30, 2008

shackin' up

Holy cow...macaroni...smokes...mackerel....

Have you read "The Shack" yet??? I was a bit apprehensive about reading it after hearing mixed reviews. It seems you either love it or think it is heresy. Ha! Quite the varied responses. While I might not agree with some of the author's choices in how he portrays God or maybe I don't completely understand his choices therefore not liking them....hmmmm. Anyway, I am absolutely loving the message. It speaks to my performance driven heart. It explains so well about God's love. I know, I know...we have all heard it before..."God loves you!" But this book really puts it out there, wholeheartedly. Please forgive the pun..or don't. Ha! Please... read this book.

There ends my public service announcement....on to other news and ramblings.

# The monitor to my computer is broken (thank you, Chad, for letting me use your computer).

# We are going bowling tonight instead of trick-or-treating.

# Madeline and I (and her friend, Reagan) are going to a slumber party tomorrow night.

# Our deck rocks my socks.

# I need to reassess my role in Lola's life. I need to be more of an alpha. *grumble grumble*

# Madeline has been sick for a week. Please pray for her healing. More on her in another post.

# I love McDonald's iced vanilla coffee.

# My hubby is the cutest being ever.

# I am addicted to facebook. Replacing tv time with facebook time doesn't make any sense.

# I wish I could do high school over again for various reasons.

# My hair straightener died and I bought a new one. I hate the new one.

# I want to dye my hair but haven't picked a color yet.

# I need a makeover.

I can't think of much else. I need to get Eli ready for school.



meredith said...

ditto to almost everything in your post. minus some of the personal...I hate my new straigtener stuff.

The SHACK...oh my. loved, loved, loved it. i think part of the point of the authors portral of God & HS are too make us get a bit least i was, but wait until the end.

i cried today just talking to my cousin about it! we should have a little disscussion group after we all read it!!

woot-woot for other 'rebels' of halloween. there aren't many of us out there. :)

can't wait till we can hang out in the real world. :) until then, see you on fb.

Bethany said...

Sorry about your monitor! Our little Canon POC (as in Piece of Crap) camera broke and it is somewhere being fixed. And it was sent right before the neighborhood bonfire. Darn it!

Cool on the bowling. I am not a good enough Christian to forgo any chance at decorating and getting candy, so I doubt there will be pictures of Bub as a dinosaur.

Can't wait to see pics of the completed deck!!!

Madeline will be in our prayers and sorry, but I have the cutest husband ever! And ditto on facebook. That pet society is too adorable!

Bethany said...

I wanted to clarify a portion of my comment that could be taken wrong, which I would really hate to happen.

When I commented that I "wasn't a good enough Christian to forgo Halloween," I didn't want to come across as snarky about it, and I think I may have.

I really admire the faith both of you show daily. It's way stronger than my faith, and it blows me away and challenges me daily, and that is a good thing.

I'm not perfect, I have a long way to go, and that's okay. I'm really thankful I have online friends like you to nudge me along.

manda said...

Bethany--Read "The Shack"

Meredith-We definitely need to do a real life coffee or green smoothie date. I am free in the afternoons from 12:30-3...otherwise I have an Eli with me. Ha!

haverlee said...

you're going to a mother/daughter sleepover?? oh my word, that's really funny. remember the Full House episode where Stephanie gets invited to one so Uncle Joey goes with her and he loses the high-heel race? Classic. I wonder if you're going to do a high-heel race.
And yes, I will read The Shack.

Mara the Butterfly said...

Trade you straighteners!

Chad said...

I read it ... ok so for those that dont know me I do NOT read books. Unless its a technical manual/journal that Im studying for a test. Oh and the Word I read that, but books in general not so much. I LOVED THIS BOOK! Again I dont read but had this booger licked in like three nights and thats saying something.

Do yourself a favor and read it ... I cant imagine it not affecting you in some way.

Such a beautiful story ...