Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wedding blues times two

Ok. These aren't really weddingblues times two....more like....what I would have done differently. After watching the video I would have changed....

  • I would have had an aisle runner. Y'know...that white runner down the middle. I am not sure why I didn't have one. Odd.

  • I would have had something that the people did as we left the church. I didn't have bird seed, bubbles, etc. I didn't really expect people to wait around, but they did. So there I was walking out of the church with all the cards in my arms (tacky) and people clapped. Talk about a slight over sight.

  • I would have had a dad/daughter dance at the reception. It would have been cool to dance with my dad.

Would you have done anything differently at your wedding???


meredith said...

don't even get me started on what I would have done different...

first off, the groom...oh vey! teasing.

biggest regret was not having more bridesmaids...i really hurt some friends feelings by not having them stand up with me. at the time i didn't think it was that big of deal...but it was to them & me.

oh...and i wouldn't have been such a brat. :)

manda said...

Were you a bit of a bridezilla?? How old were you when you got married??

Bethany said...

Hmm... not much. We got married in the basement of a Colonial-era bed and breakfast. Just immediate family. I thought it was going to be stupid right up until the ceremony, but then the guy had us face the family while he had his back to them. It was a very special moment.

My dress was how I wanted it. The music and dinner and flowers and favors were how I wanted them. I guess the only thing I would do different is to have a bigger celebration with people from Des Moines. I was pretty sure everyone was so over me, or did not even remember who I was, that I was not comfortable having anything up there.

Manda... have you ever seen pictures from it? Lemme know.

haverlee said...

i'm still so happy with my wedding to this day. i'd just almost love to do it all over again just to pick new dresses and stuff! (not really but almost)
the only thing i thought about but didn't do was sing a fun lovesong to Jon at the reception. oh well.
I'm just sad i had to miss your wedding!

bethany piper's-mom arganbright said...

the flower girl dresses (pretty bad) and the cupcake decoration (really bad!!!), and i would've given bridesmaids a qualifying interview before handing over the job. (not you, have!)